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A Little Taste of History (with the Taste of Hillcrest)

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If you’ve never heard of the Taste of Hillcrest we’re guessing that you’re new to the neighborhood. The Taste of Hillcrest is an annual event that celebrates the best food San Diego has to offer.

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Hillcrest Sign Auction

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Thanks to all who bid on the 1984 Hillcrest Sign. It was an active auction with over 19 bids from the local community. The auction officially closed at 5 PM on February 1, 2012. The last bid was made at 4:59 with only seconds to spare…

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San Diego Half Marathon + Hillcrest Opportunities

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The San Diego Half Marathon at PETCO Park is a new race that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the City of San Diego while raising money to help their communities.

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2012 IHO Update

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The Hillcrest Business Association (HBA), along with many business people and residents, were successful last week in arguing at City Council for a common sense compromise concerning the Interim Height Ordinance (IHO).

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Hillcrest Pride Flag

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The HBA worked hard with local community members to construct a 65-foot flagpole that now permanently displays a rainbow flag at the intersection of Normal St. and University Ave. The rainbow flag itself is 18 feet by 12 feet.

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