Existing Services

Existing Services

The HBA currently provides a wide variety of services to the neighborhood of Hillcrest.  Because we’re a business association, our services are focused on helping the business district. The services we provide come from a diverse range of funding sources and because of this we are unable to provide all services to all areas of the neighborhood.

Steam cleaning: The HBA currently steam cleans the core of Hillcrest (several blocks around the Hillcrest Sign) monthly.  In the rest of the neighborhood, the sidewalks are cleaned every six months.

Litter pickup: The HBA cleaning crews service the neighborhood between two and five days a week depending on the location. In the core of the neighborhood, litter pickup occurs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  In other parts of the neighborhood, it occurs on Tuesday and Saturday.

Trash and recycling cans: The HBA currently maintains over fifty ashtrays, trash cans and recycling cans throughout the neighborhood.  Depending on location, these cans are emptied five times a week or twice a week.  

Large item pickup and special cleaning projects:  The HBA maintains an on-call service for neighborhood businesses to have abandoned items picked up or unsightly messes cleaned up.  This service performs special cleaning projects on a daily basis.

Tree trimming: The HBA maintains over 200 trees throughout Hillcrest including the seventeen large heritage trees on Fifth Ave.

Gardening: The HBA maintains three sidewalk gardens on University Ave. and five large planters throughout the neighborhood.  These landscaped areas are planted with trees, shrubs and flowering plants.

Flower Baskets:  The HBA maintains almost fifty planted flower baskets on street poles throughout the neighborhood.  These baskets are replanted with new flowering and hanging plants ever six months.

Security teams: The HBA has a regular security patrol in the core of Hillcrest eight hours a day to relocate homeless people who are causing trouble in the neighborhood.  The nighttime patrol examines trouble spots every night throughout the neighborhood. An on-call service for businesses on the east end of Hillcrest is available.  The HBA provides security services to the neighborhood twenty hours a day.

Public Right of Way program:  The HBA provides permits for sidewalk cafes, business “A” signs, and sidewalk furnishings.  This service is provided so businesses don’t have to participate in the City’s costly permitting program

Maintaining the Hillcrest Sign and Flag: The HBA maintains the Iconic Hillcrest Sign and the popular Hillcrest Pride Flag in behalf of the community.  The sign’s maintenance and power bill, and the regular replacement of flags are funded from HBA special event program.