Public Right Of Way (PROW) Enhancement Permits and Renewals

In order to help our members promote and attract customers to their business, the PROW program was established by the City Of San Diego on September 1, 2006. The Hillcrest Business Improvement Association was issued a conditional use permit by the City of San Diego to administer the PROW Enhancement Program for our members only.
Using City of San Diego guidelines that balance safety, aesthetics, accessibility, and commercial prosperity, the Hillcrest Business Association encourages the use and activation of the public right-of-way by providing permits for sidewalk cafés, A-frame signs and sidewalk displays for just $52 a year. This service also reduces the costly permitting costs when applying directly to the City of San Diego — potentially saving our members thousands of dollars. A limited and regulated list of signs, sidewalk dining (with no alcohol service) and product displays were approved to be placed on sidewalks under this program.
Sidewalk signs are a great way to draw people into your business; whether they display the daily lunch special, a new product, or just the name and contact information for your business.  They are an effective marketing and advertising tool that is easily changeable and very affordable.
Sidewalk cafés consisting of only tables and chairs, and not serving alcohol help restaurants create spaces that cultivate and spur economic growth and income by encouraging pedestrian traffic. It helps beautify and activate our streets- creating a more welcoming environment for your restaurant.
Business owners with existing or planned sidewalk fixtures can get permitted by taking these few simple steps.
  1. Fill out and submit a curb-to-property line form (DS-689) through the City of San Diego Development Services office. Apply online for your curb-to-property line card online by visiting the City’s website here:  , printing out the form and emailing it to the City. The City will return the “DS-689 Form” to you for yourapplicationn. For questions call the City Development Services Department at 619-446-5000.
  2. Obtain a copy of your business insurance. Please provide evidence of having one million dollars of liability insurance naming the City of SanDiego, the Hillcrest Business Improvement Association  Improvement Association (HBIA), the property owner, and their agents, officers, and
    employees as additional insured. Your insurance company may ask for the following addresses:

    Hillcrest Business Improvement Association
    3737 Fifth Avenue, Suite 202
    San Diego, CA, 92103
    City Of San Diego
    Development Services
    1222 First Ave., MS-301
    San Diego, CA 92101-4154
  3. Read and review the Hillcrest PROW Guidebook. Sample drawings and photos are available below
  4. Download and complete our Program Checklist and  Hillcrest Public Right-Of-Way Application.
  5. After completing your checklist and application make an appointment with Eddie Reynoso, Marketing + Member Services Director by emailing Eddie @ (remove spaces) or calling 619-299-3330 ext. 1.  Eddie will arrange a time and date to review your application, pick up your paperwork and provide you with your permit. Applications must be submitted through the Hillcrest Business Improvement Association, and not directly to the City.