Organizational Documents

This page contains information concerning organization documents for the organization as required by the City of San Diego.

Enabling ordinance (Resolution R273937)

Election Documents:

2017 Election

Members in poor standing
Second Proxy Ballot 10-4-17

First proxy ballot 9-12-17
Notice of election and annual meeting 9-12-17

Election process memo 9-12-17

2016 Election
proxy ballot 9-24-16
Proxy ballot 9-21-16
Proxy ballot 9-13-16
2016 Annual Meeting and Election Notice
Members in poor standing 9-1-16

2015 Election
Proxy Ballot
Modified Proxy Ballot (10/5/15)
2015 Election Notice
Members in poor standing 9-1-15

2014 Election
Proxy Ballot
2014 Election Notice
Proposed bylaw changes for 10-14-14 Annual Meeting

Annual Reports

2012 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report 


HBA Bylaws ( 9/8/2008 )
HBA Bylaws (10/9/12 )
HBA Bylaws (10/14/14)

Yearly Audit

2011 Organizational Audit
2013 Organizational Audit
2014 Organizational Audit
2015 Organizational Audit 

Board Minutes
HBA Board Agendas and Minutes

Contracts funded by BID Contract :
Municipal book keeping contract
Sidewalk cleaning and gardening
Sidewalk steam cleaning

Job Descriptions

Executive Director 8-16-13
Marketing and Social Media Manager

Current RFQ

Hillcrest Flower Baskets RFQ 2-22-18 (open through 3/16/18)
RFQ to provide security services in Hillcrest (open through 6/9/16) Closed
RFQ municipal contract book keeper (open through 7/10) Closed
RFQ Sidewalk Cleaning(1/3)   Cleaning Map (2/3) link to Excel matrix (3/3) (Open through 4/30/15) Closed
RFQ Flower baskets and garden maintenance (open through 1/30/15) Closed
RFQ for event PR 9-29-14 (Open through 10/10) Closed
RFQ for tree trimming 8-22-14  (open through 9/5/14) Closed
RFQ for pressure washing 8-15-14 (open through 8/29/14) Closed

Current Job Opportunities 

Marketing Assistant (closes 4-20-18)
Business District Program Manager (closes 7/7/17)
Business District Program Manager (closes 8/29/16) 
Marketing and Events Intern (closes 2/10)
Executive Director Position (closed)

Important Documents

HW station for TFF