Organizational Documents

This page contains information concerning organization documents for the organization as required by the City of San Diego.

Election Documents:

2015 Election
Proxy Ballot
Modified Proxy Ballot (10/5/15)
2015 Election Notice
Members in poor standing 9-1-15

2014 Election
Proxy Ballot
2014 Election Notice
Proposed bylaw changes for 10-14-14 Annual Meeting

Annual Reports

2012 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report


HBA Bylaws ( 9/8/2008 )
HBA Bylaws (10/9/12 )
HBA Bylaws (10/14/14)

Yearly Audit

FY 11 Organizational Audit
FY 13 Organizational Audit
FY 14 Organizational Audit

Board Minutes
HBA Board Agendas and Minutes

Contracts funded by BID Contract (note all contracts were bid and approved prior to FY12):

Cleaning/Gardening contract 9-12-12

Job Descriptions

Executive Director 8-16-13
Marketing and Social Media Manager
Business and Events Manager

Current RFQ

RFQ municipal contract book keeper (open through 7/10)
RFQ Sidewalk Cleaning(1/3)   Cleaning Map (2/3) link to Excel matrix (3/3) (Open through 4/30/15) Closed
RFQ Flower baskets and garden maintenance (open through 1/30/15) Closed
RFQ for event PR 9-29-14 (Open through 10/10) Closed
RFQ for tree trimming 8-22-14  (open through 9/5/14) Closed
RFQ for pressure washing 8-15-14 (open through 8/29/14) Closed

Current Job Opportunities 

Marketing and Events Intern (closes 2/10) Closed
Executive Director Position (closed)