The Future of Hillcrest


This page serves as a resource to community members, business owners and residents to learn about the ways that the HBA is helping to create a progressive future for the business community of Hillcrest.

The Normal Street Greenway/ Re-imagine Normal

Over the years, the Pride Flag at Normal Street and University Ave. has become a gathering space for the community. In 2012, with the help of community activists, the HBA constructed a 65′ flag, a small gathering space, and an historical memorial that tells the history of the LGBT community in San Diego.  For many years, neighbors have planned to expand this space. Normal Street has the capacity to host a large neighborhood open space including an expanded gathering space to celebrate the LGBT community.

Below are resources and information about this project.

New Normal presentation, June 2016.

Media Coverage:

Transforming Hillcrest 

In August 2014, Hillcrest Community groups met to discuss ideas for transforming Hillcrest. The Hillcrest Business Association, Hillcrest Town Council and the Uptown Community Parking District came together to support alternatives to San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Uptown Bike Corridor Project.

SANDAG proposes to remove dozens of parking spaces throughout Hillcrest to make way for bike lanes. As SANDAG quickly moves along in its engineering phase the Hillcrest Community has been left in the dark!

On September 17th the Hillcrest community is invited to a discussion on creative alternatives to SANDAG’s proposal. Local architect Jim Frost will be discussing his proposal for SANDAG to make Hillcrest a more beautiful place to eat, play, stay and bike!

Bring your ideas and hear From SANDAG and City Representatives.

  • How much parking will we loose ?
  • How will bike lanes affect your business?
  • Will we create new parks?
  • What would get you on a bike?
  • Who is going to pay for the up keep? And how much will it cost?

Download Transforming Hillcrest –Alternatives to SANDAG’s Proposal

Review Jim Frost’s Proposal here

Transforming Hillcrest proposal East end of University Ave.

Transforming Hillcrest proposal West end of University Ave.

 Hillcrest 2.0: Recommendations to the Community Uptown Plan (COMPLETED)

In 2010 the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) created “Hillcrest 2.0”, a series of business forums in the neighborhood of Hillcrest. These forums were attended by business owners and residents in the community and each had a designated topic relevant to the upcoming Uptown Community Plan.  Significant outreach was undertaken to ensure participation and representation from a variety of backgrounds. Information and feedback from the 2.0 series was compiled in 2011, and with our Board of Director’s input, summarized into a plan for Hillcrest’s future.  Visit the plan and read more about Hillcrest 2.0.

Download Hillcrest 2.0 — Recommendations to the Community Uptown Plan


 Hillcrest Pride Flag (COMPLETED)

The HBA worked for several years to design and display a 65-foot flagpole and Pride monument to permanently display a rainbow flag at the intersection of Normal St. and University Ave. The rainbow flag is 20 feet by 30 feet. Read more about the Hillcrest Pride Flag.

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