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by on March 28, 2012

What’s a “Curbside Chat”?

A discussion with community members and small business owners on the changing economy and responding to difficult times.

Strong Towns, a non-profit organization, will hold a Curbside Chat on Tuesday, April 17 5:00 PM at Bamboo Lounge located at 1475 University Avenue. The presentation is being sponsored by Great Streets San Diego, Hillcrest Business Association, Place Makers and URB.EN.

This is a pivotal time for many communities. Years of unstable property values are now showing up as uncertain revenue streams. Local government aid has been cut, and more cuts are imminent. Budgets are stretched. The shifts and delayed maintenance of prior years are starting to show up on the ground.

Local leaders are looking for answers. What they are discovering is that they are largely on their own.

The standard approach emphasizes growth over resilience. This is a key part of our problem. To truly do more with less, we need to understand how we have built ourselves into decline. How local investments have failed to generate prosperity. Why the standard approach is harming our towns and neighborhoods?

And, most importantly, how we start a real recovery?

The team at Strong Towns has prepared the Curbside Chat for local officials and key community leaders. The presentation has five parts:

  1. Background on the current financial crisis.
  2. The triggers that are forcing changes in the way we inhabit the landscape.
  3. The “dead ideas” we need to overcome to renew prosperity in our towns and neighborhoods.
  4. What the coming new economy is likely to look like.
  5. What local leaders can do to position their communities for success in the new era.

Anyone interested in the future of their community is invited to attend the Curbside Chat. The event is Strong Towns is a Minnesota-based non-profit organization. The mission of Strong Towns is to support a model for growth that allows America’s towns to become financially strong and resilient. The Curbside Chat program is an initiative of Strong Towns to raise awareness of changes that are taking place in the broader economy and how they will impact the way cities, towns and neighborhoods prosper.

More information on Strong Towns is available online at More information on Curbside Chat is available online at

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