Hillcrest is Holding onto its’ Butts!

by on April 25, 2011

This spring Hillcrest became one of the first off-coast San Diego business districts to partner with the Surf Rider Foundation’s “Hold Onto Your Butt” campaign. In a collaborative effort to fund and install 10 ashtrays throughout the business district, the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) is thrilled to announce the completion of this progressive environmental project. Ten cigarette butt ashtrays can now be found throughout Hillcrest.

Have you seen the new cigarette ashtrays throughout Hillcrest?

The Surf Rider Foundation’s, “Hold Onto Your Butt” campaign is a low cost solution to keeping cigarette butts off the streets and beaches.  With only eight miles between Hillcrest and the shores of San Diego, the HBA has worked to communicate the facts about cigarette butt littering and practice simple steps to keeping our community and environment clean and safe.

HBA member businesses and partners who participated in the “Hold Onto your Butt” campaign cosponsored ashtrays affixed to street poles and walls outside of Hillcrest establishments. These outstanding environmental partners include: Crest Café, Uptown Pets, Martin and Wall, Roy Mason, the Hillcrest Town Council, Numbers Nightclub, Rich’s Nightclub, Good On Ya Bar, The Brass Rail, and Brit Scripps Inn.

Surf Rider's "Hold On To Your Butt!" campaign


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