Hillcrest Pride Flag

by on January 23, 2012

The HBA worked hard with local community members to construct a 65-foot flagpole that now permanently displays a rainbow flag at the intersection of Normal St. and University Ave. The rainbow flag itself is 18 feet by 12 feet.

The Amazing High Heel Race raised funds for the Pride Flag in June 2011.

Initial funds from the project were raised by The Amazing High Heel Race, an event produced last June to kick off awareness and energy about the Pride Flag.

After several stages of fundraising, permitting, bid retrieval and committee work, the flag was raised in time for San Diego LGBT Pride 2012. On the evening of Friday, July 20 the HBA worked with community groups, elected officials and donors to raise the brand new Hillcrest Pride Flag.

What you can do to continue supporting the Hillcrest Pride Flag:

  1. Donate funds; every dollar raised is an important dollar. Every bit counts.
  2. Register a TEAM for The Amazing High Heel Race and participate in an outrageous scavenger hunt in 2013, look for details next year.
  3. While the flag has gained the support of many Hillcrest community groups, including Hillcrest Town Council, the GSDBA, and the Hillcrest Business Association, it’s important to continue positive word of mouth and support in the neighborhood for this project.
  4. “Like Us” on Facebook.com/PrideFlag and engage with our social networking. Share your thoughts on the page, tell us your story, make some waves! Get your friends to Like Us too.
  5. Learn about the meaning behind the Pride Flag. A simple Google search should do the trick.
  6. And if you skipped over this one… Donate funds; every dollar raised is an important dollar. Every bit counts.


Hillcrest Pride Flag

The Hillcrest Pride Flag is now a permanent fixture in the Normal Street and University Avenue median.


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