Homeless Outreach Program

by on April 8, 2015

The Hillcrest Business Association is connecting with Todd Gloria and the Alpha Project to end homelessness in our city, one neighborhood at a time. After a successful launch of the Downtown Partnership Clean and Safe Program, Hillcrest hopes to join the ranks of neighborhoods assisting the homeless. On Monday April 6th Council Member Todd Gloria, HBA board president Jonathan Hale and Alpha Project CEO Bob McElroy held a press conference at the HUB  to announce the launch of the Hillcrest Homeless Outreach Program (HOP).

The Hillcrest business district is widely known for its compassion and progressive methods to encourage change. The latest neighborhood endeavor will bring city officials, The Hillcrest Business Association and the Alpha Project together in providing homeless outreach during a one-year pilot program.

Over the next year, experts at the Alpha Project will deploy a part time out reach team throughout Hillcrest five days a week to provide homeless outreach services. While in the neighborhood, homeless out reach teams will encourage individuals to engage in activities that will advance their path to recovery. Hillcrest businesses will be provided a “hotline” to notify out reach teams of issues requiring attention.

The HBA hopes to move the homeless outreach program from a pilot to a standard operating procedure in the neighborhood and will continue to look for funding to peruse these efforts into perpetuity.

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