Merchandise Expert Consults with HBA Members

by on November 15, 2011

Recently the Small Business Development Center (SDBC) worked with San Diego’s Business Improvement Districts to improve merchandising strategies for small business retailers. This 2 day program was called “Merchandising to Sell”.

Baker Specializes in Proven Methodologies

The program focused on how to draw more sales to businesses by creating better display space that gets products noticed. The program leader, Bruce Baker, shared proven techniques that are proven to draw people into aisles and walk areas using layout and lighting features. Bruce Baker is the author of Dynamic Sales & Customer Service Techniques, Booth Design & Merchandising and Sell It!

The HBA helped to facilitate three personal consultations for member businesses. Baker meet with member businesses CoHabitat, Hillcrest Shell, and Cathedral.

He focused on lighting features and product displays, and praised all three businesses for having stand out retail stores.

For more information on what the Small Business Development Center can do for you, visit their web site or contact Tiffany Shear at the BID Council.

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