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by on March 14, 2013

Fabulous Hillcrest is HAPPY to announce that Park Hillcrest has recently added the Hillcrest Community Valet to the neighborhood!

Parking just got a little bit sweeter with the Community Valet every weekend, Friday- Sunday. For just $5 you can forget the hassle of parking and have your car parked for you , like the celebrity that you are.

Don’t forget about the ParkHillcrest  FREE trolley program! After you valet your car, jump on the trolley and take a ride down to the east end of town where you can visit the Hillcrest Egyptian Quarter and back to the fabulous restaurants and boutique stores. The FREE trolley runs Friday/Sat  5:00 PM – 11:00 PM and 9 AM – 2 PM every Sunday with valet 10AM-3PM.


Park Hillcrest

The Uptown Community Parking District launches "Park Hillcrest" to assist locals and vistors with parking in Hillcrest.

The Uptown Community Parking District surveyed every available parking spot for the purpose of creating, a website specifically designed to provide users with usable parking information for the neighborhood. contains friendly search features that gives users the ability to search parking locations, be it stalls, garages or lots; by price point; location; time; etc. To assist drivers on the move, a corresponding Android and iPhone app gives users access to information on nearby parking spots, garages and special tips while they are out and about.

In addition, over 35 restaurants and retailers in the Hillcrest community have signed up to offer validation. These businesses are helping to alleviate the cost of parking by giving Hillcrest customers the ability to receive parking credits for visiting their establishments. To easily access this information, drivers can visit or download the ParkHillcrest app where they can search for businesses that offer validation. and the ParkHillcrest app will launched March 14, 2013 to kick off spring with the easiest parking the neighborhood has ever seen! A unique and playful advertising campaign has been developed to promote the new programs and it will be seen on various media throughout the Hillcrest area including billboards, buses, posters and much more. Various materials will feature Scratch & Win components offering prizes to local businesses and a contest will run on the website and app giving one lucky winner their own FREE parking space for an entire year!

{ Download the memo to member businesses. }


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