Police Bike Team in Hillcrest

by on October 24, 2011

There’s a new bike team in Hillcrest! With the generous support of HBA members, Nick Moede, Jonathan Hale, Sean Cute, David Lawerence and Chris Shaw, the San Diego Police Department bought the new bicycles for their bike team that will include the Hillcrest business district.

Councilmember Todd Gloria addressed the neighborhood and members of the media regarding the new SDPD bike team in Hillcrest - September 29, 2011

The bike patrol started on September 22, 2011. One sergeant and four officers will use the bicycles to patrol the business district of Hillcrest Wednesdays through Saturdays from 5:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. Two additional officers will join the team upon delivery of new bicycles.

“The creation of the Hillcrest Bike Team demonstrates what is possible when businesses and neighbors partner with the City,” said Councilmember Gloria. “This will help ensure a continued high quality of life in the neighborhood through increased patrols and visibility along
University Avenue.”

“I am encouraged by the support that Hillcrest businesses are providing,” said Benjamin Nichols, Executive Director of the HBA. “This is a great example of just one of the many ways that Hillcrest businesses work directly with the police to protect our community and make Hillcrest a safe place to live and work in.”

Ongoing involvement of the business community will be helpful in ensuring the bike officers are present and aware of specific concerns. Councilmember Gloria helped launch a similar police bike team in North Park in 2010. It has been credited with decreasing crime and a creating a better atmosphere for residents and visitors. Expectations are high for similar results in Hillcrest.

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