The HBA celebrates 12 months of 2011

by on December 22, 2011

As we take a moment to look back on the HBA’s 90th birthday, we realize that business leaders in Hillcrest have been so busy with exciting neighborhood projects that they barely had an opportunity to blow out the candles on their own cake.

This past year has seen exciting growth and productivity in Hillcrest!

This holiday season brings a close to one of the most productive and energizing years the HBA has experienced. The close of 2011 marks the end of a year long birthday celebration. We invite you to pause with us. Breathe in deeply and, with gratitude for Hillcrest, blow out the bright candles that burned all year long in honor of the HBA’s 90th birthday.

Now that our candles are blown out just in time for the New Year, we are thrilled to welcome 2012!

Iconic businesses like Crest Café and Cathedral are celebrating 31 years and 18 years respectively, and Hillcrest is simultaneously welcoming booming new businesses like Snooze an A.M. Eatery and Luna Grill on the west end to Panera Bakery and Pita Jungle on the east end.

Join us in celebrating the last 12 months of HBA projects and accomplishments…

January 2011January 2011: Happy Birthday HBA!

The HBA welcomes 2011 with open arms, as it marks an incredible year in Hillcrest.

This year is the 90th anniversary of HBA leadership, beautification and marketing in the neighborhood.


January 2011February 2011: Hillcrest 2.0 is Heard

The HBA finalized and presented the community driven results of Hillcrest 2.0: Five Business Forums on the Future of Hillcrest to the City of San Diego.

This ensured that the voice of Hillcrest’s business district was heard before the Uptown Community Plan is finalized.


March 2011March 2011: A Decade of Hillcrest Mardi Gras

The HBA and GSDBA host the 10th year of Hillcrest Mardi Gras.

The event is attended by 5,000 people and over $38,000 is raised for Hillcrest neighborhood improvements and LGBT youth scholarships.


April 2011April 2011: A Delicious Hillcrest

The HBA hosts 11th annual Taste of Hillcrest with over 50 participating members and 1,000 tickets sold, making it a sold out event.

Over $17,000 is raised for neighborhood improvements.


May 2011May 2011: HBA Leads City Streamlined Policies

The HBA advocates for progressive changes in the Business Improvement District (BID) reimbursement policy resulting in changes that streamline the City’s reimbursement program for BIDs. The change has radically benefited all of San Diego’s Improvement Districts and the City of San Diego.


June 2011June 2011: More Pride in Hillcrest

The HBA works with community volunteers to launch the first fundraising event for the Hillcrest Pride Flag Project.

Over $5,000 is raised from event “The Amazing High Heel Race”.


July 2011July 2011: A Bright and Eco Friendly Icon

After years of dysfunction the HBA works to complete renovations to the 1984 Hillcrest sign in time for its debut relighting at CityFest.

The project includes eco-friendly LED lights and is highly anticipated in the neighborhood.


August 2011August 2011: The Spirit of Hillcrest is Celebrated

The HBA hosts CityFest under the newly renovated Hillcrest sign and celebrates the spirit of Hillcrest for the 27th year in a row.

With 150,000 people in celebratory attendance over $30,000 is raised for neighborhood improvements.


September 2011September 2011: Generous Leadership and Safer Streets

The HBA works with its members to raise funds for the bicycles that the San Diego Police Department use to patrol Hillcrest and ensure safety in the neighborhood. The fundraising effort brings the SDPD Bike Team back into the Hillcrest business district after five years.


October 2011October 2011: A Hoedown Comes to East Hillcrest

The HBA launches the first annual Hillcrest Hoedown, an urban country festival on the east end of Hillcrest. The event is attended by over 20,000 and exceeds expectations by raising money in its very first year.


November 2011November 2011: Hillcrest Collaborates on Parking Solutions

The HBA brings over 50 members together to strategize parking solutions for the neighborhood. The event is attended by the new Board of Directors from the Uptown Parking District and City of San Diego representatives.


December 2011December 2011: Bringing Mindful, Local Shopping into Hillcrest

The HBA promotes the local business district through the third annual Hillcrest Taste n Tinis and SHOP Hillcrest for the Holidays. Taste n Tinis is attended by over 800 people and raised money for neighborhood improvements.

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