East MAD Expansion

You can help clean up the east end of Hillcrest

Hillcrest cannot continue to grow unless we address these cleaning and safety challenges!

For the last year, the HBA has been working to expand the East Hillcrest Maintenance Assessment District (EMAD).  This expanded district would levy a special assessment on property owners on the east end of Hillcrest to pay for enhanced security, cleaning (including steam cleaning) and gardening services, much like what occurs on the west end of the neighborhood.  For years, east Hillcrest has suffered from trash, sidewalk gum, dead trees, and homelessness.   We need tools to address these things.  They’ve done it in other neighborhoods and we can do it here.

Come to a public meeting to hear about the new Hillcrest EMAD and the Hillcrest Clean and Safe program.  If you’re a property owner, it’s critical that you come.  If you’re a tenant, invite your property owner to join you.

April 11, 2017, at 5 PM
Joyce Beers Community Center
3900 Vermont Street
San Diego, CA. 92103

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Annual Mixer

The public is invited to the Hillcrest Business Association’s upcoming Quarterly Meeting & Mixer

February 16th from 5:30pm-7:30pm 

The California Fruit Wine Co. located at 1477 University Ave.

Each quarter we have our HBA Open House which we invite and encourage all our members and the community to attend. HBA Open Houses are a great way to bring the Hillcrest community together and find opportunities to get everyone more involved in the neighborhood. You get a chance to let us know what we can do to better serve the business community. This open house is important because it’s our first quarterly meeting of the new year. We utilize this opportunity to reflect with our members the accomplishment of the organization from the previous year and to talk to them about their current concerns facing the community. This month, we are collaborating with The City of San Diego’s Economic Development Department in their business walk that day. They will survey our members to help us understand how we can serve them better collaboratively. They’ll be in attendance as well.

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Join us on the Business Walk

We need your participation!

On Thursday, February 16th the City of San Diego’s Economic Development Department is holding a Business Walk in the Hillcrest neighborhood and the Hillcrest Business Association is partnering with them. It will be from 2-5pm and local business leaders, government representatives, and volunteers will visit and survey business owners with the intention of:

  • Discovering new issues facing the business community.
  • Enhancing the working relationships between local government, the BID, and local businesses.
  • Providing local businesses with educational resources.
  • Assisting the City of San Diego and the BID with development of future initiatives to better serve the business community.
We are asking if you or one of your staff members are available between that time to volunteer and help during this event. This is a great way to get involved in the economic development and growth of the neighborhood.
If you or your staff member can volunteer, please email Michael at Michael@HillcrestBia.org to confirm.

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Shop Hillcrest for the Holidays


Shop Hillcrest for the Holidays is back this year and it’s time to get involved!
How does this work?
Step 1: Businesses sign up.
Step 2: Businesses receive promotional materials.
Step 3: Businesses give each customer a raffle ticket with each purchase for a chance to win.
Step 4: The winning customer is announced on Christmas Eve
We promote it as a shopping spree contest for customers who shop at participating business. To become a participating business, you have to donate a gift certificate, which can be any amount you choose. 

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Help is on the way


Homelessness is a difficult challenge for many urban neighborhoods including Hillcrest. Homeless people act in anti-social ways and drive away your customers. Homeless people are drawn to Hillcrest because of the proximity of the neighborhood to Balboa Park, the local hospitals and the generous nature of the neighborhood. As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is have to deal with a problematic homeless people. This brochure is designed to help you better engage with this population and prevent them from disrupting your business.

The Hillcrest Business Association provides a variety of security services that you can take advantage of. Depending on where your business is in the neighborhood, you have differing levels of services that you can take advantage of. Below is a list of steps and best management practices you can take to secure your business.

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